Priority Pet Membership

“VIP Services for your Furry Friends”

Great Pet Membership Services and Rewards

We believe in promoting responsible pet ownership and rewarding for it.

Our Priority Pet Membership offers our members special benefits on our services and products giving you the peace of mind for your pet to always look and feel fabulous!

10% multi-pet discount for pets on the same membership.

Complimentary Drop and Shop. 30 minutes pet sitting service, while you shop. (Weekly, subject to availability).

10% discount on all services, grooming, clothing, toys, and other non food items in the shop.

5% discount on dog biscuits.

By joining PetMania’s Priority Pets Membership your pet will look and feel even more fabulous!

Last-Minute Priority Wash, Brush and Tidy

We can guarantee a priority ‘last minute’ pet wash and dry appointment (within a 6 hour time frame) even when we’re booked up.

Let’s be honest – no matter how much we try to keep our furry friends out of the pond, rolling in fox poo, or just out the bushes and the mud, the reality is, it happens, and usually when we least expect it. The thought of our pets’ paw-padding through the house like that is every pet owner’s nightmare. That’s OK. We have a solution.

We’re ready for every unexpected eventuality, and now you can be too.

  • It saves to make your pet a Pets Get Priority Member.
  • FREE ‘Pick-Up and Delivery’  (Maximum of 3 inclusive Pick-Up’s per year).
  • Receive 50% reduction on all Emmi-Pet UltraSonic Teeth Cleaning service fees after the first initial appointment.
  • SAVES £60 a year on Wash and Groom Services.
  • Priority Pets receive Priority Parking –we have collaborated with a neighbouring business and now we offer our Priority Members , parking just over the road.  Drop off your dog,  without the worry of finding a parking space!
  • Limited spaces available, Maximum time of 10 minutes.
  • Must show the PetMania Sticker at all times.
  • See online and in-store for more rewards.
  • Membership is available for cats and dogs of any age.

These benefits are for members only.

Monthly Membership  £19.95 

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