‘Ultrasonic Clean & Shine’ with Emmi-Pet

Make Sure Your Furry Friend Feels Fabulous! And Doesn’t Just Look it!

At PetMania we take the health of your furry friends’ teeth seriously which is why we created our ‘Ultrasonic Clean & Shine’ with Emmi-Pet.

Your pets’ teeth deteriorate with age, and whist animals don’t get cavities or need to brush their teeth on a daily basis, as we humans do, it is still imperative for our pets to have a healthy mouth and gums.

Tooth decay, mouth infections, tartar, plaque build-up and gingivitis are all preventative with regular cleaning, that can also save your furry friend severe dental disease and the need for teeth requiring extraction, even permanent damage to the underlying bone and visits to the vet.

The best way to ensure your pets’ teeth keep clean, is, to give your furry friend specially formulated dry foods, additives in their water, chew toys and a professional dental clean and shine.

How Does it Work?

Providing your dogs’ teeth have not got to a critical stage of decay, Emmi-Pet works using an Ultrasonic pet toothbrush device.  Ultrasound is a frequency and when combined with a specially formulated pet toothpaste, it produces billions of microscopic nano-bubbles which implode, enabling a deeper clean just below the gum-line, removing tartar and killing bacteria.

Additionally this allows us to smooth the surface tooth enamel faster, thoroughly and more effectively with no discomfort to your pet.

What Does the Service Include?

  • An individual personal toothbrush for your furry friend
  • Individual tooth cleaning
  • Ten minutes on each tooth with a special sonic toothbrush
  • A dedicated appointment for one hour
  • Removes plaque and tartar
  • Creates fresher breath
  • Lessens ‘dog breath’ gingivitis
  • Less chance of tooth decay
  • Helps prevent tooth extractions
  • Less costs visiting the vet
  • Tips and advice for your dogs’ well-being
  • Home care advice, how to help keep your furry friend’s teeth and gums healthy
  • Includes personal toothbrush, general check up
  • One hour appointment

All this for just £40 for the first appointment
And only £15 for a follow-up session

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Terms and conditions of service

PetMania’s teeth cleaning services are to be used for preventative teeth cleaning. Our services do not replace the possible need for dental examinations in some cases where there is possible disease or other teeth contra-indications that would be carried out by a specialist vet.