The customers gets what the customer wants

“Why? … because I was once that customer and I know what you like”  

That’s right, long before I owned PetMania I was a loyal and regular customer.

“I liked what I saw. So much so, I bought the company.”

Hi, I’m Gina Woolf. And along with my husband Carl, sister Wendy and her husband, Ron, we own and run PetMania. But we didn’t just buy on impulse. In fact, I had worked at PetMania for nearly a year before deciding to buy.

How could I resist? This was more than just a pet shop or grooming parlour. I soon learned that this was the hub of a large and welcoming community. A community that had been built around this family run business for over 30 years.

In fact, to this day customers still come to us from as far as central London , Watford and Potters Bar. With PetMania I had found my true passion. Yes, I had spent time in the music and Health and Fitness Industries previously. But I soon realised that PetMania was my true love.

It’s only possible with the backing of a phenomenal team. This includes a six-strong team of professional groomers. They are expertly led by our Grooming Manager Jaja.

Jaja has over 8 years’ experience as a senior dog grooming stylist. She is responsible for ensuring the highest standards of care and treatment for every single pet that comes into our salon. With the additional help of Jay our lovely shop manager and his wife being a veterinary nurse there is always professional advice and help at hand.

We know there are other pet shops in the surrounding area and online. But we truly believe there are none that have the wealth of experience and passion for animals that we do.

Jaja – Stylist Manager

Jaja joined the team at the end of October from a well-established grooming parlour in London having been involved in the grooming business for over 10 years. She has a Level 3 dog grooming diploma through City & Guilds and passed with Distinction.

Her belief is in gentle and safe grooming practices, stress free grooming not only for the dog but for herself and her team. Jaja is a great believer in continuing her education and grooming practices as there is always something to learn that she can pass on to the team.

Jaja specialises in curly coated dogs, poodles, breed standard hand stripping, creative and Asian Fusion. She also competes in grooming competitions when she has time. Kiska her miniature poodle is now a resident in the shop recognisable by her pink paws (or whatever colour she chooses). Jaja and Kiska works 5 days a week from Tuesday through to Saturday.

Abi – Senior Stylist

Abi began her career at PetMania when she was just 17 years old working on a Saturday helping to keep the grooming parlour tidy. She soon realised this was her vocation and decided to become a full-time groomer. Abi worked her way up from washing/drying and keeping the parlour tidy to a full-time groomer.

Abi has been in the business for 29 years leaving twice, once to go travelling and once to have her daughter. Her experience and knowledge really are second to none. Abi works on a Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

Louise – Senior Stylist

Louise joined PetMania nearly two years ago. She has more than 9 years styling experience. Louise excels at breed standard, hand scissoring, hand stripping, creative grooms and Asian fusion.

Her calming energy works well with nervous animals. Louise is also our resident cat groomer. She works on the last Sunday in every month with our cats and on a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday styling dogs.

Kylie – Stylist

Kylie began her career as a bather 15 years ago working part time in a grooming salon in North Harrow. She then went on to become a stylist gaining her Level 3 City & Guilds diploma.

Kylie joined PetMania as an assistant and soon progressed into a confident stylist. Kylie is renowned in the salon for grooming the ‘difficult’ or tricky dogs as she loves the challenge in gaining their trust. Kylie works on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Egle – Stylist

Egle joined the team over five years ago as a bather. Being artistic, Egle quickly picked up the skills to cut and style dogs. After two years she graduated into her current role as stylist. Egle enjoys continuing her education because she believes that you never stop learning when it comes to grooming. Her gentle personality causes dogs to respond well to her especially shy ones. She excels at many breeds and crossbreeds no matter the style. Egle works Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

David – Senior Bather

David has been with PetMania for over 10 years having had a 5-year break to move ‘up North’. However, he couldn’t stay away and used to travel down to continue working with us. David has a genuine passion for dogs, and it gives him nothing but pleasure to see a dirty dog.

Cath – Driver and Bather

Cath has been part of the team for a year now and with the new van is really proud to collect and drop off our dogs along with our delivery of merchandise. Cath also works in the grooming parlour as a bather, making the dogs look and feel squeaky clean.

Nick – Bather

Nick recently joined us having worked in Iceland a couple of shops away. He kept walking past intrigued as to what we did so after a while he popped in and realised that he would rather be bathing and caring for our dogs. Nick has a natural knack handling dogs and has picked up the way we wash and dry our dogs really quickly.


Jay’s vast knowledge and love of animal welfare became apparent when we had the fortunate opportunity of meeting him a year ago. After popping into the shop, with the objective of selling an alarm system, he was so at home with the dogs and clients, he left with a lot more…

A new job!

Jay is one of the first points of contact at PetMania, offering a re-assuring  voice on the other end of the phone when arranging appointments and also offers friendly product advice regarding our ranges of pet food, clothing, collars, leads and coats.

Jay’s known for his love of rescuing dogs and currently has a Saluki who was tied to the gate of the Royal Veterinary College. Sadie has lived with him for 3 years. Jay’s warm manner is always uplifting and we think he’s a real asset to our lovely team.  Together with his wife, a senior veterinary nurse,  we are guaranteed professional back up advice should we ever need it.