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The grooming parlour at Pet Mania is modern, spacious, open plan and air conditioned, providing maximum comfort for you and your pet.

No cat or dog is ever left alone in our parlour and they are continually talked to from the time they enter the shop until they leave. We naturally treat every pet as if they were our own and we are pleased to say customers regularly comment on how calm their pets are during their grooming session.

We provide first class, professional dog grooming, cat grooming, pet grooming advice, beak trimming for birds, rabbit grooming and nail clipping for all pets, including rabbits and small animals.

Your pet can be collected and delivered back to you within a 10-mile radius of our Mill Hill grooming parlour for a small charge. Areas we cover include Edgware, Radlett, Stanmore, Elstree, Hampstead, Borehamwood and Golders Green. Our van is fitted with special cages to keep your pet safe and comfortable on their journey.

The experienced grooming staff at Pet Mania are trained to look out for unusual lumps or bumps on your pet as well as minor ailments such as skin conditions. They can offer basic advice and treatments for minor conditions or refer you to a vet when needed.

Please note: We are not veterinary trained and pet owners should never use us as an alternative to a visit to the vet. We will not make a diagnosis under any circumstances.


Dog Grooming

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes of course, and our grooming services are flexible to suit each individual pet.

As well as using scissors or clippers, we are one of very few grooming parlours to offer hand stripping, where shedding fur is removed from your dog by hand. This minimises the amount of shedding fur in your home but still leaves your dog with a long coat if required.

Dog grooming prices start at £25, but can be negotiated with you, depending on the type of service you require and the type of dog. Discounts are offered for more than one dog and for regular customers. Discounts are also given for puppies and we offer a FREE service of nail clipping, cleaning ears and trimming around the eyes for puppies under the age of six months.

All of our dog grooms begin with a body massage, followed by cleaning of ears, eyes and anal glands. Nails are clipped and teeth are cleaned and descaled if necessary, followed by general health check. Your dog will then be hand-washed using good quality shampoos, conditioned and finished off with a first class professional groom. Throughout this process dogs are given rest periods to avoid any stress or discomfort.

If you want to give your pooch an extra pampering, you can choose from one of our extra treatments, including:

  • mud baths to help your dog’s skin and deter fleas
  • facials, which can help with the staining around the eyes
  • dog colouring
  • artistic designs

You can also take advantage of our mini-grooms: weekly or fortnightly brushing out; wash and brush out; tidy up sessions etc. These keep your dog in first class condition are especially useful for dogs with long, curly or thick coats.

Cat Grooming

cat-groomingOur specialist cat grooming service is carried out by two members of staff: one to sooth and calm your cat and the other to groom.

Your cat grooming service includes a general health check, body massage, cleaning of ears and eyes and nail clipping. Your cat will then be hand-washed using good quality shampoos, conditioned and finished off with a first class professional groom.

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